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60min Cupping Therapy Massage change

Great! You just selected a 60 min Cupping Therapy Massage Session!!! Be ready to become amazed by the healing of this eastern medicine modality!

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  • 30 min Problem Specific Massage $40
    A 30min session allows for a very problem specific session. These are great for those times when you just need a little extra focus to an area that was previously worked, or in the event of an acute trauma or injury.

    This is also great for those on a tight budget! It's actually more beneficial to be treated for 30min once a month then to wait 6months or more to be treated for an hour...
  • 60min Therapeutic Massage $70
    A therapeutic massage offers a one hour of pure relaxation! For those times when you don't have any specific pain or discomfort but just need a good relaxing session. Perfect for those times when you've been overwhelmed by emotions or stress and just need to escape the world for a moment...

    In this session clients will receive a one hour session coupled with the use of essential oils and a hot towel over the feet...this is the most relaxing session you'll ever experience!
  • 60min Sports Massage $70
    A sports massage is designed to be a very sport specific session.  In this session my goal will be to help you achieve your goals! Whether your recovering from a sport related injury or just need some muscles released to allow you to perform at the best you can this session is for you!!!  In this session I will incorporate various massage techniques along with some PNF Stretching allowing you to feel absolutely amazing!
    As an athlete myself I understand the desire to perform & train the best that you can, so I will be ready to help you get to your goals!
  • 90 min Extended Massage $100
    In this extended session you will receive a very detailed massage that will allow me to focus on the areas in which your body is needing it most! These are great for those individuals that feel that an hour just isn't long enough!

    Most Bodybuilders need at least 90min or more to allow for enough time to really release all those extra muscle fibers you've added in the gym!

  • 2hr Ultimate Massage $140
    A 2hr session is my most detailed massage session available! In this session I am able to really get every muscle released! These are great for my big bodybuilders and football players! The more muscles you have the more time I need to get you feeling amazing! These are also a great treat for anyone that is just looking for a complete body overhaul from head to toe!

    If you have never had a 2hr session before you are in for a treat!
  • 60 min Medical Massage $80
    A medical massage is a very problem specific style of massage.  This session will incorporate the use of various stretching techniques along with Neuromuscular Re-education to any imbalances that you may have in your muscle firing pattern!

    In this session we will have a good hour to focus on all the areas of your body that you wish to focus on or that seem to be the most problematic!  Whether it's a good detailed upper/lower body session, I will make sure you walk out feeling absolutely amazing!
  • 60min Prenatal Massage $70
    This Prenatal Massage is perfect for that mom to be!  Pregnancy can be very hard on the female body so helping them relax really aids in a healthy pregnancy & eases labor & delivery!  There really is no better way in helping them feel as comfortable as possible! 
  • 90 min Prenatal Massage $100
    A 90 min massage offers the mother to be that extra long prenatal massage guaranteed to make her feel absolutely amazing from head to toe! 
  • 60min Hot Stone Massage $80
    A hot stone massage uses polished lava rocks to allow for a deep level of heat to penetrate your muscles. While these amazing stones are stimulating specific points on your body I then use additional rocks to massage the rest of your body to allow for an unbelievable level of relaxation & release of tension. This is one experience that is very different then your typical massage but is really relaxing! 
  • 90min Hot Stone Massage $110
    Just like the 60min hot stone this session is designed to relax you with the amazing polished lava rocks holding a heat that will just melt your muscles like a warm knife on butter. The neat thing about this session is you get 90min instead of the 60min! That extra time allows for more muscles to get completely relaxed. This seriously feels like heaven on Earth! 
  • 90min Cupping Therapy Massage $110
    In this session we take the same approach as we do in the 60min Cupping Therapy Massage only extending the overall length of the session! This allows for more time to areas that are truly needing extra attention!
  • 60min CBD Infused Massage $90
    A 60min CBD Infused Massage is a total relaxation & healing session. With the amazing healing benefits of CBD coupled with the amazing benefits of massage you’ll find yourself feeling even more relaxed along with no pain & soreness and even more decreased inflammation to both your muscles & joints! This truly is an experience like no other!
  • 90min CBD Infused Massage $120
    A 90min CBD Infused Massage is a total relaxation & healing session. With the amazing healing benefits of CBD coupled with the amazing benefits of massage you’ll find yourself feeling even more relaxed along with no pain & soreness and even more decreased inflammation to both your muscles & joints. This truly is an experience like no other!
  • 90min CBD Hot Stone Massage $130
    A 90min CBD Infused Hot Stone Massage is just like the CBD Infused Massage but with the added relaxation & application of heat with the use of Hot Stones! 
  • 60min Lymphatic Treatment $80
    In this session you will receive a very specialized session using a dry brushing to start allowing for a jump start to lymph & circulation flow. Then a gentle, feather like touch is used & combined with vibrational finger pressure to trace meridians. This session is designed to help your body detox by moving waste fluids of the body away from built up areas, damaged, edema filled areas, etc. 

    This session is great for individuals who have lymph disorders or who have had surgical procedures done where lymph nodes have been damaged or removed.
  • 60min Chakra Balancing Treatment $80
    In this session you will receive a specialized session where your therapist will apply the use of specific essential oils in a unique meditative experience to help open blocked chakras and balance your energy flow.

    Our seven main chakras are connected to our physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels. If one chakra is off balance it can throw our entire body off. This type of treatment a unique & beautiful experience that we know you’ll truly love!
  • 30min Transformation Program Consultation Free
    This appointment is designed to discuss what your heath goals are & to learn exactly how my approach through nutrition & exercise can help get you there! 
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